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What Are Conjunctions And Interjections?


The function of conjunction is to hook up!These are simply known as joining words. These words join two sentences together so that the sentence gets its meaning.

In simpler form conjunction is a word which joins two words, sentences, clauses & phrases with each other.

e.g.and, so , but, that, as well as,before etc.

This will be more clear from the following sentences. The words marked in "Bold" are conjunctions.

a) Preeti and Supriya are weak in Mathematics.

b) Rohan and Amit are good athletes.

c) Sumit is good in acting but Karan is best.

d) He is small but strong.

e) My brother and I went to the market.

f) Think before you speak.

g) I went to KulluManali with my family.

i) Rohan and Shailesh are best friends.

j) Maruti and Suzuki are two different companies.

So we have seen that conjunctions are very important part of speech as it connects two sentences. If we do not use conjunction then the conversation or writing will become lengthy.

For instance: Let us reconsider example "e".

In example "e' we had joined two sentences.

1) I went to market.

2) My brother went to market.

Speak these sentences: I went to market. My brother went to market. Feeling uneasy in reading....yes.

Now read this sentence:My brother and I went to market. See how simply the message is conveyed.

Really Conjunctions has made the English speaking very simple! Don't you think so?


Think you have reached office in the morning & you find letter. You have opened it and found that it is your "Promotion letter" ! What will be the first word which you speak??? WOW!, YES I GOT IT FINALLY, THANK U GOD !etc .etc...

What are these words called in English vocabulary ?

Yes u got it right. These words are called as "Interjections".

So lets make it simple.

The words through which we express our feelings or emotions are called as Interjections.

e.g. : Wow !! This is a beautiful place.

Some more interjections are alas! Hey!oh ! ouch!Indeed!

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